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E-Z Task App Manage Your Much Needed Breaks

Ease and sit up. With a perfect blend, this is what E-Z Task unwinds for you. An app that leverages your coffee-break and reinvigorates your efficacy

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Amazing Features

Buzzing Work- Alarms are credible. But a break-reminder can be outstanding. Amidst a prodigous work day, Leverage your output with rest-alarms. Simply with the incredible-E-Z Task!

Clients feedbacks

Thanks to this amazing app. Now I am able to organize my work better and remind myself when I need to my much needed break!

Jamaz Hall

Simple, Easy and Straight to the point app. Reminded me all the time when I need a break and ensured I take that, much like my Wife :)

Jim Willson

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Michael Speria - Manager